Monday, 8 August 2011

Paradise Lost, Back to the Future

Originally published 8/8/11, 3:44 pm.
Most Jews look FORWARD to y'mot haMashiach. We hope to have evolved so as to be ready for a Messianic "utopia" by our growth in Torah and Mitzvot.

I look BACK to the future. I take my cue from Yirm'yahu, "Hashiveinu Hashem Eleicha v'nashuvah, Hadeish Yameinu k'Kedem"
Return us
Restore us
To when? to Y'mei Kedem!
Al Pi Drush - to Gan Eden miKedem!

Yes, we ask to be restored to the era before Paradise had been lost! It was the Geirush from Gan Eden that was our very first Hurban, our very first Exile!

We pray to Hashem to have Paradise Regained as it used to be - like Adam Harishon Kodem [kedem] hacheit
So may we go back in time
Speedily and in Our Days
Hadeish Yameinu k'Kedem


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