Thursday, 11 August 2011

KSA 167:12 v'sheim Elohim Acheirim Lo Sazkiru

I posed this query on the Kitzur List -

«Kitzur SA states it is assur to use the names of idols

Tammuz is the name of a Babylonian god

Q: What's the heter to use that name for a month?»

Here is a fascinating Response

Astro Torah: Avodah Zarah in our Calendar?

Also I'm told Sefer Hatoda'ah address this


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micha berger said...

The same generation that thought it was okay to adopt Tammuz as a month name called little Hadasah after the goddess Ishtar (a/k/a Isis, Asheira, Aphrodite), and one of the Sanhedrin would go by a reference to Marduk (who the Canaanites called Molekh).