Monday, 1 August 2011

Three Quick Lessons from the Holocaust

Originally published 8/1/11, 7:46 pm.
Here are three quick lessons that I picked up from pre-Holocaust Nazi Germany that have remained with me on a very deep level

1. Demonization. The Nazis made an orchestrated campaign of demonizing Jews. A constant barrage of belittling paved the way for subsequent acts of brutality

2. Charisma. Charismatic leaders sometimes hold a hypnotic sway on the masses and cause them to bypass their use of reason.

3. True Believers. The followers of the charismatics outlined in #2 tend to reciprocate charisma with blind devotion choosing to suspend themselves in favour of their leader. This might work favourably when that leader or guru is a saint. Otherwise, it is a recipe for disaster.


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